24 Feb | Taster Day in Devon


On our Taster Day's in Devon, you will have the opportunity to experience three different motorcycle disciplines; Motocross, Trials and Enduro.

We have a safely graded, all-weather Motocross circuit suitable for the eager novice, through to expert riders. We also have a fantastic trials section and amazing Enduro Trials to make use of on your day. Dave Thorpe Honda Off-Road Centre has Stephen Sword on board! A fantastic instructor and British Championship contender, using his own racing knowledge that will leave you amazed with what you have achieved in a day on the track.

Our instructors will spot your strengths and weaknesses straight away, allowing you to improve your handling skills and enjoy the freedom of riding our bikes. You and your group will have the luxury of the entire track to yourselves for the day. We will also provide you with lunch for your event. Over the lunch break, all riders will have the opportunity to use the trials section on our Montesa trials bikes. In the afternoon, those with road bike licences will be able to enjoy the local Enduro trials through the Devon countryside. Those without licences will benefit from smaller grouo indoor and/or outdoor motocross. 

It’s an experience you will struggle to forget!


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