7 Nov | Enduro Competition Training


If you are serious about enduro riding and want to be a more competitive racer, then this is the event for you! We have professional motocross and enduro racer, Alex Snow, on board who is there to help improve every aspect of your riding. 

Alex has raced at a professional level for many different manufacturers and has raced all over the world during his fantastic career. Alex is a great addition to our impressive coaching team and we are extremely pleased to have him showcase Honda's first competition enduro bike; the CRF450RX.

*Please see our T's&C's for additional info


Our Enduro Competition Training events will be taking place at Bere Regis, Dorset. This location is the perfect setting to work on all aspects of enduro riding. The venue is comprised of two full-sized motocross tracks and a vast enduro loop. Whilst on the event you will improve on your riding techniques through the woods, through fast open stubble fields and in the more extreme elements that would be found at all enduro races. If there is a particular aspect of your riding that you would like to work on, Alex is more than happy to change elements of the event to suit your needs. 

You will arive at the venue for 10.30am and you will have left the venue by 5pm. 

We have a maximum of 8 places on any event so one-to-one tuition is a guarentee for a large proportion of the day!

Riders are to use their own bikes and kit for our Enduro Competition Training events. You will have the opportunity to ride the latest CRF450RX for a portion of the event. Riders are also to bring their own packed lunches and bike fuel. 


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